This service generally includes a copyediting phase and a proofreading phase. You can opt for a simple proofreading should you require only a light revision (i.e., only correction of spelling, basic grammar, typographical mistakes, special characters, and removal of unnecessary double spaces). I can suggest you the best option after viewing the document for the first time.

In the copyediting phase, I will:

  • correct the spelling, grammar, word usage, and punctuation;
  • cross-check the items in the Reference section with the in-text citations;
  • check for terminological consistency and accuracy;
  • flag unclear sentences and propose alternatives;
  • remove awkward constructions and improve the readability of individual sentences.

In the proofreading phase, I will:

  • further improve the clarity of the document based on your feedback;
  • remove any remaining errors (e.g., typographical, spelling, double spaces, and special characters).

Typically, the cost of this service oscillates between 0.04 – 0.05 €/word, depending on the urgency and the level of editing required (light or heavy). Please send me a sample of your document to receive a free quote.
All my rates fall within the industry standards indicated by the Editorial Freelancers Association.